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Scarce, HTF and Antique BooksOOKS - Scarce, HTF and Antique Books. Book Nook

antique and vintage jewelryEWELRY - Victorian through Retro Collectible; Fine & Costume.

Antique Jewelry Vintage Jewelry B C D G J K L M N P R S T V W

antique and vintage jewelryEWELRY Showcase No.2 - Victorian through Retro Collectible; Fine & Costume.
Bracelets Brooches Cufflinks Earrings Necklaces

antique and vintage jewelryABLECLOTHS (Vintage)- Vintage Printed Tablecloths of the 1930's -70's. Tablecloth Corner

Scarce, HTF and Antique BooksUTTONS - Designer Buttons for jewelry making and replacement. Button Box

book-page MALLS - Antique & Collectible Smalls. Estate odds & ends


Glamorgan Antiques, Specialist Antique Dealers based in Wales, UK - Worldwide Shipping

Always Treasured Vintage Costume Jewelry - Offering vintage costume jewelry, men's vintage jewelry, fine porcelain and pottery, vintage glassware and jewelry boxes.


Retro Redheads - Vintage and Modern Housewares for the Modern Gal and Dapper Guy!

Antiques Calendar

Liz Collectible Jewelry - Antique, Vintage, Modern Collectible Costume Jewelry. Vintage Fashions and Accessories online since 1995.

Jewelcollect Organization

Funk & Junk; Vintage Clothing and Collectibles - A full eclectic range of 1000's of Collectibles from Action figures to classic Vintage clothing. We have been involved in the Collectibles and antique business since 1978 and pride ourselves on personal, speedy service for every step of your order. Remember, "You can't spell Funk without Fun".

Voted Washingtonian magazines Best Vintage store!

Digital Vintage Clothing - Specializes in classic clothing from all eras at affordable prices. Sure, you'll find that wild look that only certain people can pull off but more often you will find classic, crisp, clothes for everyday wear.

Every piece is hand picked for it's quality and condition and we have a huge selection of only top quality and usually deadstock (unused!) vintage clothing from the 1920's, 1930's, 1940's, 1950's, 1960's, 1970's and even a few pieces from the 1980's.

Vintage Bag - Antique, vintage, collectible, and designer handbags, bags, and purses. Also, beaded and satin evening bags. Alligator, snakeskin, and hand tooled leather handbags. Vintage Coach bags. Bags from the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. Novelty and straw bags, plus girls' bags.

Easy Street Antiques - Antique and vintage textiles, including tablecloths and other linens, hankies, scarves, lace, and fabric. Also, antique and vintage jewelry and holiday items. And, mid-century modern dinnerware, glassware, metal, and kitchen items, including aprons.

Vintage Cookbooks: Antique, vintage, and collectible cookbooks - Antique, vintage, and collectible cookbooks, as well as regional and specialty cookbooks.

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Store Fixtures and Jewelry Display Supply
Display fixtures for boutiques, craft shows and even home use; elegant and unusual designs handmade in wrought iron.

Sapphire Jewelry - Angara's fine collection of sapphire jewelry including Sapphire rings, pendants and earrings in elegant designs and styles. Buy loose sapphire gemstones using our simplified search and design your own sapphire jewelry.

Gemstone Pendants - Discount Gemstone Pendants, Gemstone Diamond Pendants, Ruby Pendants, Sapphire Pendants, Emerald Pendants, Tanzanite Pendants, Gemstone Necklaces, Diamond Heart Pendants, Gemstone Cross Pendant, Discount Pearl Pendant, Gemstone Solitaire Pendants, Gemstone Journey Pendant, 18k Gold Pendant.

RMS Jewels - Vintage costume jewelry with an emphasis on signed and unsigned necklaces from the 1960s through the 1980s.

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