Vintage and Antique Jewelry Condition Guide

MINT - Like new. Very unusual to see this classification for authentic pieces as by very definition antique and vintage jewelry has either been worn or handled in some way. Then of course there is the natural process of time-wear (similar to shelf-wear). I may sparingly use the term NEAR MINT to describe the occasional piece that is a step above excellent.

EXCELLENT- Outstanding condition. The best grade you can reasonably expect for antique/vintage jewelry. No wear that is unusual for its age. **Items with minimal wear on their back or closure may be included in this category.

VERY GOOD - Some signs of use but any yellowing, scratching/chipping or plating loss would be minor compared to the overall integrity of the piece and not detractive when worn.

GOOD - Perfectly wearable and acceptable but signs of use described above are more significant and readily visible. Jewelry in the store that falls into this category is usually particularly well made, relatively scarce or of high aesthetic value despite its flaws.

Fair - Wear would be severe and the item may be in need of restoration/repair. Would only be included in store inventory if unique in some way.

Vintage Tablecloths Condition/Classification Guide

MWT - Mint with Tags. Never used and with original paper tag. A slight storage odor is possible as linens in this category have never been washed. A few very light storage stains may be present. If any are spotted while photographing, it is noted in the description.

Near Mint - Tablecloths without original paper tags which may have been used once, or which I may have laundered due to a strong storage odor. Stains, if any, would be of the storage variety.
Excellent- Tablecloths without original paper tags which appear to have been used very lightly. Stains, if any, would be extremely tiny or light and limited in number. Nothing readily noticeable.

Very Good Condition is quite good but may be slightly faded with an issue such as a small tear or a stain that is readily visible.

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