Illustration by Howard Chandler Christy


HTF Illustrated Antique Books Copyright Dodd Meade Co. 1902 Book Decoration by Margaret Armstrong

In Very Good Condition with breathtaking illustrations by Howard Chandler Christy. WANTED - A CHAPERON] Copyright 1902 by Dodd Meade and Co., New York. Pages: 109. Measurements: 8 3/4" by 5 3/4. Top of pages are gilded; side edges have a thumbed, age - appropriate appearance. Content is all present, very clean.

Every page is exceptionally ornamented as shown in the example to the right by the preeminent book binding designer Margaret Armstrong. .... ITEM# B1013 ....PRICE:SOLD

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Margaret Armstrong Antique Book The Art of Howard Chandler Christy

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The Ballad of Beau Brocade First Edition, 1982

THE BALLAD of BEAU BROCADE and other Poems of the XVIII Century

HTF Antique Books The Ballad of Beau Brocade Illustrations Antiques

In very good to good condition, a lovely addition to your personal library. Copyright 1892. First Edition. [b]The Ballad of Beau Brocade and other Poems of the 18th Century[/b]. 50 illustrations by Hugh Thomson. Published by: Kegan Paul Trench and Co.

Wedgewood blue hardcover (7 1/2" by 4 3/4") with lavish gold gilt. All gilded page edges. Decorative spine. Content in very good condition - clean and complete. Page hinging is somewhat fragile.

I drew it from its china tomb;
It came out feebly scented
With some thin ghost of past perfume
That dust and days had lent it.

-From: A Dead Letter

.... ITEM# B1012 ....PRICE:$25

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Antique Poetry Book Austin Dobson

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Samuel Johnson's Lives Eminent English Poets


Lives of the Most Eminent English Poets Antique Book Soldy by Samuel Etheridge Antique Book

Antique Book English Poets Antique Book inscribed  Nathanial Grenshaw

Published and Sold by Samuel Etheridge Jun'r, Charlestown 1810 - Volume I of Samuel Johnson's Lives of the Most Eminent English Poets; with Critical Observations on their works - 432 pages. There is quite a bit of wear on the cover and page edges. In addition portion of the front cover has come loose. However, the pages within are still bound together nicely and the text intact. Milton, Rochester, Stepney, Dryden, King, Halifax, Addison and Sheffield, duke of buckinghamshire are a few of the poets discussed. For a full list click on the table of content photo above. Book is inscribed with the name Nathanial Grenshaw. A brief bio of the author can be read here: Samuel Johnson

.... ITEM#B1006 ....PRICE:$44

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Poetical Works of Milton Young Gray Beattie and Collins


Antique Book Antique Books Poetical Works Antique Book Philadelphia John Grigg

collectible old books Inscribed Antique Poetry Book Steele and Faxon Booksellers Antique Poetry Book

Published by JOHN GRIGG, No.9 N Fourth Street, PHILADELPHIA 1831 - POETICAL WORKS of MILTON, YOUNG GRAY, BEATTIE, AND COLLINS, Complete in One Volume. Sterotyped by J. Crissy and G. Goodman. Personalized with an inscription dated 1846. It reads: Presented to Mrs. R. Smith by her ? friend U.G. Noble (?) June 1846. (click on inscription thumbnail on the right).

Measures 8 3/4" by 5 1/2" and 1 3/4" high. There is significant outer wear on the cover as pictured. Binding is secure and pages inside are clean with the exception of some normal age spotting. Text is complete and perfectly readable. Just inside the book cover there is a small yellow sticker from: Steele and Faxon Booksellers, Buffalo N.Y.

.... ITEM#B1007 ....PRICE:$45

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History of England Antique Books

From the Accession of George III 1760 to the Accession of Queen Victoria 1837

HISTORY OF ENGLAND  - From the Accession of George III 1760 to the Accession of Queen Victoria 1837 Antique Book Pages Antique Book by Rev. T.S. Hughes

Old Books Antique Book Bell and Daldy 1864

By the Rev. T.S. Hughes B.D. Late Canon of Peterborough. Volume IV of VII. Published by Bell and Daldy, 186 Fleet Street, London - 1846. A new edition with the author's last corrections and improvements. Printed by Rayner and Hodges, 109 Fetter Lane, Fleet Street, London. Condition is solid and very good. Pages within are EXTREMELY clean with marbled edges. Only issue is some aesthetic wear on the outer binding as pictured.

.... ITEM#B1008 ....PRICE:SOLD

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Temple Bar Magazine

TEMPLE BAR, A London Magazine Volume 55 - 1879

Temple Bar A London Magazine Published by Richard Bentley and Son Antique Magazines

Antique Book Marbled Pages Kirby and Conlan Bookbinders

Victorian Periodicals. TEMPLE BAR, A LONDON MAGAZINE For Town and Country Readers. The Fifty-Fifth Volume, January - April 1879. Richard Bentley and Son, 8 New Burlington Street, Publishers in Ordinance to her Majesty the Queen.

New York: Willmer and Rogers. Paris: Galignani. Kirby and Conlan Bookbinders, Liverpool.

Temple Bar was a Victorian era journal (1860 until approximately 1898) with a strong emphasis on serialized fiction. Binding and cover in very good condition with only normal time-wear. Pages within are clean and intact. .... ITEM#B1009 ....PRICE:$44

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